3 tips to perfectly organize your beauty collection

3 tips to perfectly organize your beauty collection

Your beauty routine should be a relaxed, enjoyable time. Something that's just for you. You might be heading into the office or getting ready for an evening with friends. But whatever the reason, your beauty regimen should be a time that's about pampering yourself, feeling special, and bringing out your very best.

Sounds utterly blissful, right? And it should be too. But, if your carefully curated beauty collection is not so carefully stored, your regimen becomes a stressful and unenjoyable experience. And that's something none of us should have to deal with.

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, we've got three tips to cut clutter and crown yourself queen of your beauty moment.

Tip 1: Use adjustable organizers

Beauty products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your storage must be able to adapt to each product — or to new products as your collection grows. Choose height-adjustable drawers as they allow items to be stored upright. Opt for compartments with dividers as they create dedicated spaces to group each set of items. SEE ME Beauty Organizers are designed with adjustable drawer height that can fit all of your beauty products.

Tip 2: Make your beauty collection visible

When parts of your beauty collection are out of sight, they're also out of mind. That's usually when the rummaging starts. You open drawers, you scatter items — and you end up stressed and rushed. So much for some me-time. Worse, you might never find the item or forget you've bought it and repurchase it — which will do absolutely nothing to help your cluttered collection! Instead, try using clear organizers. They'll let you see your collection in full and help you find your favorite items without turning your home upside down and inside out!

SEE ME Beauty Organizers are completely clear allowing you to see through your collection and giving you easy access.

Tip 3: Maximize your available space

Lack of space is one of the main reasons beauty collections end up cluttered — even with our best intentions. For practical, long-lasting beauty organization, you need enough space for your current collection — and, most importantly, for your collection as it grows. By stacking beauty organizers on raised surfaces and the floor, you can take full advantage of vertical space to fit more in and keep that dreaded clutter at bay.

* * *

Take a look at how SEE ME Beauty Organizers could help you on your quest for adjustable, space maximizing organizers and a more visible beauty collection. Together, we can take those first steps towards a long-lasting, simplified, and uncluttered beauty collection.


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