How to do Metallic Foiled Shadow

How to do Metallic Foiled Shadow

Time to play?...try the Foiled Eyeshadow trend.

Metal has never been so hot!
Straight from the runway, foiled eyeshadow has to be one of our favourite looks for the new season, and we’re loving how versatile metallic shadow can be. Just read on for how to work it your way…

Foiled metallic shadow is a sure-fire way to switch up your look for spring, and with a few tricks (and the right makeup mirror, of course!) it’s actually super easy to recreate the runway looks at home.

Because all shadows are not created equal, using a really good quality, highly-pigmented eyeshadow is absolutely essential for this look. We’ve lost count of how many we’ve tried and tested over the years – like, hundreds! – but to really nail this look and make it shine, you simply can’t go wrong with Stila Foil Finish Eye Shadows.

Next up, it’s all about the application technique. Want to create a bold look? Wet a shadow brush and use it to apply pressed shadows or loose pigments in graphic shapes with an intense shot of colour. The Spotlite HD Makeup Mirror’s magnification and ‘true’ daylight really get that shadow exactly where you want it so you can rock some serious shine!

Want to keep it simple? Simply use your fingers to apply loose pigments to create a softer, blended look. Either way, always finish with a setting product to make sure that all that sparkle stays where you want it.

We’re big fans of the professional makeup artists’ fave, Mixing Medium from Mac Cosmetics, which enhances a shadow’s shine and stops sparkle from slipping, plus the water-based version is perfect for using on sensitive eyes, too.

Foil away...

Create this and any makeup look effortlessly with SPOTLITE HD Ultra Bright True Daylight Makeup Mirror.

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