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How to organize your jewelry collection - for the last time!

September 07, 2019 2 min read

How to organize your jewelry collection -  for the last time!

You have the jewelry box, necklace tree, earrings case, the rings trays, so there’s no real reason for the mess that’s still your jewelry and the persistent hassle of finding the perfect piece that compliments your look. But the good reason is because while you have a sort of organization, you’re missing one that will last the distance.

Fact is, your jewelry collection comprises a mix of various types of jewelry; thin and chunky necklaces, hoop, studs and dangly earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, oh and add to that, the acquisition of even more jewelry! So, for the effective and lasting organization you need, the answer is an organizer that can adapt to store all of the items in your jewelry collection and expand easily to accommodate your new acquisitions.

We are therefore excited to introduce SEE ME Cameo Jewelry Organizer, a first-of-a-kind hybrid of effective jewelry organization and expandandable capacity for large or growing collections.

Purpose-designed by specialist beauty solution innovators, JUST OWN IT - JOI, SEE ME Cameo, is a well-built, transparent organizer that uniquely adapts to all jewelry types allowing you to personalize to your needs and helping you maintain long-term organization.

For large or growing collections, SEE ME Cameo’s modular design allows you to seamlessly combine as many as you need when you need it, so you will never run out of storage again.

And the real game-changing feature is the optional floor-stacking with the Platform which frees your vanity up and while keeping your collection together and within easy reach.

Follow these simple steps for your last jewelry organization using SEE ME Cameo…

STEP 1: Sort jewelry out into similar groups e.g. small, medium large necklaces, hoops, studs, dangly earrings, small, large rings, bracelets, bangles, watches

STEP 2 - Organize rings: Insert the jewelry hooks at any desired position on the jewelry board and stack your rings on the vertical posts

STEP 3 - Organize earrings: Insert the backs into all of your earrings and then, simply push studs into the holes lining the top of the hooks, 4 pairs to each hook. Organize hooks, posts and hoop earrings on the vertical slots.

STEP 4 - Organize bracelets, bangles and watches: Insert more jewelry posts and hang your bracelets, bangles and watches. Large bangles can be stored in the integrated tray of the jewelry stands

STEP 5 - Organize necklaces: Position the jewelry posts at any desired position on the upright board and hang your necklaces. For larger collections, use as many SEE ME Cameo organizers as you need.

To find our more about SEE ME Cameo Jewelry Organizer, visit the JOI website.

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