Meet the mirror that is helping beauty fans spot the early signs of skin issues before they become a problem

Meet the mirror that is helping beauty fans spot the early signs of skin issues before they become a problem

Waking up to blemishes, dry patches or redness that “wasn’t there last night” is everyone’s worst nightmare! But what if we could see these problems coming and could stave them off, or at least prepare for them in advance?

Beauty fans are going crazy for Spotlite HD Diamond 2.0 Makeup Mirror the new and ingenious multi-purpose makeup mirror being hailed by Instagram stars as their skin’s ‘guardian angel’ that’s helping them spot the signs of early skin issues before they become a problem.

Spotlite HD 2.0, a new LED lighted makeup mirror by design company, JUST OWN IT (JOI) is the improved version of their successful predecessor launched in 2017. Its premium lights supplied by custom LED bulbs closely mimic “true daylight” to clearly illuminate the skin, complexion and makeup.

Han St Luce, London-based makeup artist and beauty influencer says, “This is a real game changer. I check my skin daily using the light and 10x magnification attachment. When I see the start of something I don’t like, I’m well prepared!”

Another huge fan and beauty blogger Fashioneysta said that - being visually impaired - the light helps her with the close examination of her skin and helps reveal issues she would otherwise miss.

Spotlite HD’s ultra bright true daylight, coupled with the 10x distortion-free magnification mirror, make the perfect examination tool for close inspection of the skin in identifying those first signs of trouble.

Beautician and registered nurse, Jackie Hammond, recommends daily close examination of the skin in daylight for spotting potential problems. It is easy to spot impending breakouts or rashes at least 24 hours beforehand, giving you the time to control them or at least prepare if inevitable. A tool like Spotlite HD, with it’s custom formulated ‘true daylight’ is a perfect alternative to natural daylight, which isn’t always available anyway.

Sonya, a professional makeup artist said she now uses Spotlite HD for her clients and for creating her hugely successful Instagram makeup tutorials, as the light is far better than that on her professional filming equipment.

But Spotlite HD’s viral reputation is not just based on it’s premium lights. It is a multi-purpose mirror with premium, sleek design and packed full of ground-breaking features including ingenious transformable design to hand-held, wall-mounted, vanity and folded travel compact size for your hand luggage.

Fashioneyesta hailed Spotlite HD the “Swiss Army Knife of beauty” and rightly so as it is more versatile and innovative than any other mirror.

Award-winning celebrity makeup artist Sarah Brock, who has worked with some of the top names in Hollywood including actresses Gal Gadot and Anne Hathaway said, “If, like me, you travel a lot & hate the lighting in hotel rooms, you will love this as much as I do!”

Choose from 3 gorgeous colours available here.

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