“Spark JOI” with these makeup organizers that will get Marie Kondo’s stamp of approval!

“Spark JOI” with these makeup organizers that will get Marie Kondo’s stamp of approval!

Let’s face it, we are completely obsessed with makeup and can’t get enough. And don’t even get us started on our skincare obsession! However, while we indulge to solve our makeup obsession, we create a new problem; organizing our makeup hoard (ahem - collection)!

But, given the efforts we make to organize, how come we often find ourselves rifling through piles of products for that one lipstick in a few short days? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that you’re not alone. According to organization experts Clea & Joanna of The Home Edit, we were never really organized in the first place because what we do is “put stuff away” in boxes, drawers and containers that aren't purpose-designed for effective organization.

Enter SEE ME Beauty Organizers, the purpose-designed organization system for all beauty products by specialist beauty solution innovators, JUST OWN IT - JOI. Now, you too can organize like Instagram’s favorite declutter guru, Marie Kondo, ‘spark joy’ in your beauty collection and stay organized for good.

This world first beauty organization solution not only effectively organizes your collection, but can be personalized to your exact needs. A closer look at SEE ME organizers reveals why we all confuse “putting stuff away” with “organizing”, and why organizing is a completely different animal to simply tidying up.

So, how can you tell you’re actually organizing effectively and won’t fall foul to the curse of short-term tidying? This is what JOI has achieved with SEE ME and it’s now available to you for the first time. Lasting organization  requires the key steps below and skipping any puts your long-term #organizationgoals at risk.

  1. Sorting:It always starts with sorting. Sort out your collection into different item groups - either by size, product or colour.
    Why? Because your beauty collection is unique to you, sorting into groups helps you identify what you have in your collection, so it’s easier to identify exactly what type of storage you need.

  2. Sourcing: Next, determine the organizers that will match your different item groups.
    Why? Because matching your organizers to your needs ensures you can effectively organize those specific items. Whatever the shape or size of your items, they must fit in your chosen organizers comfortably.

  3. Separation: This is a key step that you must not miss! It involves creating compartments inside your organizers to separate and prevent items from shifting and getting mixed up.
    Why? This is the number one reason why it’s impossible to maintain lasting organization in standard drawers or containers because as soon as we remove items, the content collapses into a cluttered mess.

  4. Uniformity: Your organizers must have a similar and uniform appearance to give you that satisfying and organized look
    Why? While an eclectic mix of storage containers can look cute on your vanity, very few of us have the eye for design to pull it off. A mix of items can end up looking messy and cluttered.

  5. Extend: This is a critical step that we all forget about when we organize. Ensure your chosen organizers is easily extendable to create additional storage. A modular organizer is therefore your ideal choice as you can buy additional units when needed.
    Why? Because your collection will grow!! You will find that bargain dozen lipsticks that you just must have and when you’ve run out of no space in your current organizers, they end up lying loose on the vanity or crammed in another drawer or box.
Complicated? Actually not so, because SEE ME makes it ridiculously simple with its unique system of 5 individual organizers purpose-designed for storing specific items in your collection. Once your items are sorted into groups of similar items (sorry, that’s one you have to do yourself!), just select the SEE ME organizers that match the items in your collections, and in the quantity you need, then, combine to create your personalized organization system. 

SEE ME organizers can be stacked on your vanity or even on the floor using the optional PLATFORM to free your vanity and give your collection room to grow while helping you maintain long-term organization.

According to JOI, the SEE ME beauty organization system was designed to help you “rule your hive like a queen bee!”, having been inspired by nature’s own made-for-purpose modular beehive designed to hold the maximum honey and maintain order in hive.

Rule our hive like a queen bee? Yes please! Makeup fans and experts are hailing this ingenious organization system as the holy grail of beauty organization and a must-have for anyone determined to protect their beauty collection and maintain long term organization.

For more information and to start your SEE ME collection, visit www.wearejoi.com
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