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Why you need this special mirror for your fall makeup and skincare

September 08, 2019 2 min read

Why you need this special mirror for your fall makeup and skincare

The gloomy mornings and shorter days of fall are upon us, and with daylight now in short supply, your skincare and makeup routines will need all the help they can get.

Your household and bathroom lights will no longer do, and a crucial tool to light up your fall skincare is a natural daylight makeup mirror. However, as far as lighted mirrors go, we’ve found there’s none fairer than the ingenious and versatileSpotlite HD Ultra Bright True Daylight Makeup Mirror, a social media sensation that has been hailed by makeup artists as the holy grail of makeup mirrors.

But during the winter, your makeup mirror is not just for applying makeup with precision but a fundamental skincare toolkit. As fall progresses, the cold, dry fall temperatures erode the outer layers of your skin’s natural barrier leading to dehydration, redness and dryness.

It is therefore easy to see whySpotlite HD comes highly recommended by beauty experts because its specially formulated LED lights mimic professional beauty lighting that is necessary for serious winter skincare regimens.

Beautician and registered nurse, Jackie Hammond, recommends daily close examination of the skin in daylight for spotting potential problems. “It is easy to spot impending breakouts or dryness at least 24 hours beforehand, giving you the time to control them or at least prepare if inevitable. A tool like Spotlite HD, with its custom formulated ‘true daylight’ is a perfect alternative to natural daylight.

Spotlite HD’s ultra-bright true daylight used with the included 10x distortion-free magnification mirror are a formidable combo in your fall makeup and skincare arsenal. Use for unparalleled access and HD view of your skin at pore level to spot early signs of skin issues that can very quickly sprout during the harsh winter weather.

Han St Luce, London-based makeup artist and beauty influencer says, “Spotlite HD is a real game changer. I check my skin daily using the light and 10x magnification attachment. When I see the start of something I don’t like, I’m well prepared!

For those who prefer to do their makeup in the bathroom,Spolite HD’s unique wall-mountable design allows you to mount it easily on any wall so you don’t have to compromise on your lighting. It is a convenient alternative to cumbersome wall-mounted bathroom mirrors that normally require electric wiring and specialist installers.

Because your makeup and skincare routines do not stop at home, Spotlite HD’s versatile design allows it to fold flat into a tablet size that fits easily into your carry-on so you can take it with you on your winter travels. This way, you have access to the professional lighting that you need to complete your daily skincare and makeup reliably even while away from home.

Award-winning celebrity makeup artist Sarah Brock, who has worked with some of the top names in Hollywood including actresses Gal Gadot and Anne Hathaway said, “If, like me, you travel a lot & hate the lighting in hotel rooms, you will love this as much as I do!”

In conclusion, wherever you’re going to be doing your makeup and skincare this fall,Spotlite HD has your back. Choose from 3 stunning colors from their website. 

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