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For perfect makeup anywhere

Spotlite HD brings the perfect light

Let the light be with you...perfect, always, anywhere you need to do your makeup. Every light is different and will give you different makeup result. For consistent makeup results every time, you should use the same makeup light every time and anywhere you do your makeup.

Spotlite HD gives you ultra-bright true daylight, the perfect light for consistent, perfect makeup application. And because you can take Spotlite HD literally anywhere, "your light is always with you" and you can create your perfect makeup finish every time - whether in the bedroom, bathroom, hotel, visiting bestie or bae or in a cramped dorm room!

For perfect makeup anywhere, you bring the skills and let Spotlite HD bring the light! #LetTheLightBeWithYou


We don't all do our makeup at a vanity (nor should we). So, if your bathroom is your vanity, Spotlite HD gives you the perfect light to craft your makeup expertly without need for counter space

For that last minute touch up before your next zoom call, Spotlite HD brings the perfect lighting AND the essential makeup you need for your glow up - all without leaving your laptop!

Get the baby ready, have breakfast, check your messages all while you do your your makeup expertly with Spotlite HD's perfect lighting. Win win on rushed mornings.

Don't risk bad lighting on your travels. Spotlite HD folds safely in your carry-on providing you the perfect lighting anywhere you end up so you can craft your makeup as perfectly as you do at home

Cramped dorm-room with no space for a mirror? No problem. Simply wall-mount your Spotlite HD in 1 minute and you have the perfect lighting you need for your perfect makeup.

Visiting friends/family is great. That guest room lighting tho, not so. Your hosts provide the cosy bed while you bring along your Spotlite HD for the perfect light to do your makeup perfectly

Hotel lights suck, so don't put up with them! Bring along your Spotlite HD for the perfect light and apply your makeup just as perfectly as you do at home!

Get ready for that girls' night out with your eyes on the kids! Grab your Spotlite HD from the vanity with your makeup essentials and sculpt your makeup perfectly with the perfect light.

Multi-feature to provide the perfect makeup light...

Anywhere you have to do your makeup

Let's face it, we all don't do our makeup at the vanity, nor should we have to, and we shouldn't have to put up with bad lighting wherever we have to do our makeup. That's why Spotlite HD was designed to go everywhere you need to do your makeup, whether on the vanity, the bathroom, hotel, visiting friends, living room, office, a cramped dorm room or just about any personal space that you feel most comfortable doing your makeup.

Mirror with dimmable ultra-bright, true daylight
Full size vanity mirror with makeup storage
Travel mirror that fits safely in your carry-on
Wireless wall mounting with easy slide on/off
Hand-held & magnetic 10x magnifying mirror
Ring light & cellphone holder for selfies/videos

Plus, lose the clutter and save on the cost of several mirrors!

Spotlite HD replaces up to 6 different mirrors and provides you consistent perfect makeup light anywhere you need to do your makeup and for any makeup task. This is all thanks to Spotlitle HD's innovative multi-feature design that allows it to switch easily between different modes from vanity to handheld to wall-mounted, detachable 10X magnification and folds into a compact size that fits safely in your carry-on. So, you don't need 6 mirrors, you need only the one, Spotlite HD!

Rechargeable LED lighted mirror $50
Full-size vanity mirror $40
Wall-Mounted mirror $50
Travel mirror $20
Handheld mirror $10
10x magnification mirror $20
Spotlite HD is smart
For effortless use & reliable performance

90+ CRI, 1000+ LUX
LEDs that provide 'true'
daylight lighting

Touch-sensitive dimmer
switchto adjust the
light level

electronics for safe
bathroom use

Powerful Lithium
rechargeable battery for
up to 8 weeks use

Non degrading light that
does not dim as the
battery is used.

Auto ON/OFF function
turns light on or off when lid is
opened or closed

Cordless and fast
charging using the
supplied USB cable

Low battery alert when
battery reaches 30%

Your search for the perfect mirror ends here

Try spotlite HD today and get peace of mind with our iron-clad
12 months money-back guarantee - choose from 3 stunning colors





Don’t take our word for it!

I have looked at so many mirrors before and i can honestly say this mirror is the brightest i've seen. It is the only light I use for my makeup now.


I got the black smokey color and i love it! so classy and elegant. i have been looking for a black mirror and have only come across white and pink. very beautiful mirror


i love the close up style of mirror as it is compact enough for me to fit in my carry on. Definitely taking this with me on my next vacation


my old mirror used disposable batteries which i hated. then i found this one which at first i thought was expensive but now using it everyday and how long the battery lasts for definitely worth the price


I used to share my boyfriend's shaving mirror in the bathroom and it's light was awful! This mirror is so bright and attaches easily to my bathroom wall - didn't even need my boyfriend for that!


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