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Quite simply, we hold sacred all things makeup. JOI pays tribute to the makeup obsessed, the real makeup fan - those brave souls who fearlessly embrace the complexity of new makeup techniques and those obsessed with transforming their appearance with the power of makeup. We also believe that everyone should have the best tools available to help them Own Their Spotlight moments.

As a Software & Design Engineer (that's me, Andrea) and Sales & Marketing Guru (Leah), we're self-confessed nerds.

But we're a different kind of nerd.

We're makeup obsessed. We're fascinated by all things makeup. We totally get and have great respect for those who make the time to look awesome and own their spotlight wherever or whenever it might be.

As makeup fans and modern women, we have high expectations, but the makeup tools of today just don't cut it. Ever tried to contour with your bathroom light?

Yup - awkward AND risky!

Following a fruitless search for makeup lights that don't suck, we assembled our nerdy, makeup experts and made our own. And after three long, gritty years, JOI's first makeup tool - Spotlite HD - was ready for her turn in the spotlight (pardon the pun, but you know what I mean).

Spotlite HD is the first professional makeup mirror designed for real beauty enthusiasts. A mirror for creative and ambitious spirits that will not settle for mediocre result and for those who will not risk the outcome of their creativity. Whatever the makeup technique, Spotlite HD's ultra-bright natural lights ensure you're ready for the challenge and to Own Your Spotlight.

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But we're only just getting started. We're all over your constantly evolving needs and on the ready to create solutions that help you keep up. To those who say we have too many red lipsticks, we say, "They're different shades! And to those who say we've got too much makeup, we answer, "Nope, we just need better makeup organizers" – might we add, a call that our second product, 'SEE ME' answers to (you want to know when SEE ME launches, so, don't forget to signup down below.)

Our products are designed to inspire and connect with you. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional and innovative tools to simplify and enhance your makeup routine.

We exist because you love makeup and because we believe in its ultimate power. In truth, makeup is a religion and we are believers.

PS: We're always available to chat, super-friendly and we love to read emails. Get in touch with us anytime