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RESERVE face it 2-in-1 washing machine for makeup brushes & sponges (Patented)

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Handwashing makeup tools is a hassle. Granted.
But, washing them with FACE IT 2-IN-1 is a breeze. Guaranteed.

Let'sFace It, the minute your makeup tools come in contact with makeup,they’re already dirty, meaning you should be cleaning your makeup toolsdaily! But, that requires more than sheer willpower because hand-washingmakeup tools is a daunting task, no one enjoys...or has time for!

Withour awesome FACE IT 2-IN-1 Makeup Brush & Sponge washing machine,you can have fresh brushes and sponges ready whenever you need them.That means better hygiene, better skin, and better makeup looks. Whodoesn’t want that?


>    Fully automatic with single button operation from start to finish
>    Automatic error sensors to prevent operation issues and alert users of operation errors
>    Removable used water tank for convenient disposal of used water
>    Electricity operated via universal adapter included
>    No-residue, no odor
>    Measures: 6.8(w) x 8.3(d) x 11.9(h) inches
>    1 year Guarantee


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