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We are consumers too and will not return if not treated right where we shop. So, if you have any issues from your purchases or you just want to reach out to us for anything else, please do so at We love to read emails and we promise to respond within 24 working hours (but be warned, we work very strange hours, so don't be alarmed when you get a reply at strange times)

Do you ship outside the US?

No. We only ship within the US at the moment but we've listened to you, know of your interests in buying JOI products in your country and we're working uber-hard to get them to you very soon. Hell, we want your money and we know not to keep you waiting in case you go spend it elsewhere. So please bear with us while we put our final plans together and start shipping to you.

What are your returns guarantee policy?

We understand sometimes we need to change our minds which is why all your purchases come with a 30 day refund guarantee. This literally translates to you having the rights to return your product within 30 days of your original purchase for a non-grudge (honest) refund of the full cost you paid for the product. All we ask is that you contact our lovely Rae at for your detailed return instructions, you kindly tell us your reason for returning and also to return in its original unused condition. With these, you'll make our day and speed up the refund process. You can view full details of our Returns Policy in our Terms of Service here.

Do you offer warranty on my purchase?

Absolutely! We don't like mean businesses that can't stand by the quality of their products. Like us, our manufacturers are very nice people and we understand that sometimes despite our best intentions, things do go wrong. This is why we offer you an extended 12 months warranty period from the date of your original purchase during which time we will replace any faulty product free of charge. You can view full details of our Warranty Policy in our Terms of Service here.

Is Spotlite HD allowed for travelling on an airplane?

YES. We wouldn't want to leave our Spotlite HD behind when we travel! According to the most common airline regulation worldwide, Spotlite HD will be accepted for travel on every airline in your in-flight baggage as it is in the same category as your laptop and Lithium Ion battery powered electronics devices. Additionally, some other airlines will allow carriage in your checked baggage, however, you have to get confirmation from each carrier before you travel.

How long does shipping take?

We too hate long waits which is why we aim to ship your order within 1 working day from your order date. We use standard ground shipping for affordability and depending on where you live, delivery can take up to 10 days. However, when you really can't wait, (you know that last minute Holiday/Birthday gift that has to get there tomorrow? Yes, that one) – we offer expedited shipping option guaranteed to get it there in as little as next day. At checkout, select the expedited shipping option and boom, get it when you want. Of course it must be said that as with all favours, this one will cost you (sorry).

When are you launching your next product?

This one always gets us excited because we get to talk about our next makeup innovation. We are first and foremost innovators, and we always have our hands in the creation of the next exciting makeup tool. Thing is, we'd be giving too much away if we spoke too soon which is why we reserve this information for our awesome subscribers and customers. Not trying to blow our own trumpet but we make cool tools for makeup fans and you'd want to know when our next one launches. Stay in the know by signing up to our exclusive list below and we will keep you informed.

Help!! My Spotlite HD has no charger!!

Don't panic. We get this a lot. Spotlite HD was designed to take advantage of a certain tech item we all have – our modern mobile phone charger(s) or your laptop. Simply plug your mirror using the included USB cable (or any USB cable) into either of these items and your mirror gets recharged like it was designed to.

How long does it take my Spotlite HD to fully charge?

Now this depends on when you're starting to recharge. Here are some guides:

  • First time from new: Allow 5-7 hours until fully charged and indicator turns green
  • From completely out: 5+ hours
  • From out out i.e. you were using on dim setting before it went out: 8 hours (so you probably don't want to do that all the time)
  • From the minute the red low battery indicator turns on: 3-4 hours (highly recommended)
Does the light get dim as the battery gets used

Absolutely not!! This is one we're proud to answer because as techies, we look for real solutions which we hope pleasantly surprises you. So, the light does not degrade meaning as you use the battery, the light will and can keep operating on the brightest setting until the battery runs out and so the light. Neat right? So no more inconvenient dimming lights that have no use beyond half battery!

Can I use my Spoltie HD in my bathroom

Ok. We will say yes to that, but… (there's a 'but'). The components are  moisture-proof but not water-proof, meaning while you can use it in the bathroom, you should not leave it there. Sorry. Bathrooms are generally damp and steamy places and while not necessarily wet, the persistent dampness can get into the electronics and corrode contacts. So use it in your bathroom but don't leave it there.

Do I have to change my Spotlite HD bulbs

No. Spotlite HD does not use traditional bulbs like other lighted makeup mirrors. Instead, it uses premium quality, economical and energy-saving LEDs engineered specially to last. OK, we're not saying 'outliving you' sort of last but we guarantee that it will last 50,000 hours of use – which is a very long time! So, you can use your Spotlite HD safe in the knowledge that you will never have to buy expensive, uneconomical bulbs which burn out and pollute the planet.