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swap that messy reality with...

Get that dream beauty organization you want

Dream big! Now, get your dream beauty organization, the perfect organization of your entire beauty collection in the one place just the way you've always wanted!! Let SEE ME, help you achieve your dream beauty organization where every item in your beauty collection has a place - from eye pencils to hair sprays to tanning lotion and even your hairdryer!

Whatever the size of your collection, small or large, SEE ME perfectly organizes your entire collection to match your dream. And, when your collection grows, maintain your perfect dream organization by simply adding more SEE ME organizers for extra storage, then stack on your vanity or on the floor with the optional PLATFORM

Your dream beauty organization...

...perfectly organized with SEE ME

How SEE ME gives you...


Height-adjustable drawers allow all your beauty products - makeup, skincare, tools to fit in, so nothing gets left out

Customize to your collection whatever the size by combining any quantity of SEE ME organizers you that need

Drawer sectioning with the removable drawer dividers provide lasting separation between items

Storage extension allows addition of extra storage as the collection grows which maintain organization

Modular design of separate organizers group similar items of the collection for effective organization

Safe stacking on the vanity to maximize space or on the floor using the PLATFORM for large collections

The SEE ME collection

A perfect place for every item in your beauty collection

1 maxi

SEE ME MAXI Extra Large Makeup Organizer has height-adjustable drawers perfect for eye-pencils, lipsticks, nail polish, foundation, bronzers, eyeshadow pots, small palettes MORE...


2 tall

SEE ME TALL Skincare & Makeup Palette Organizer has extra-tall drawers for your tall skincare, lotions, hairspray, tanning lotion, perfumes, makeup palettes and even hairdryer! MORE...


3 eclipse

SEE ME ECLIPSE Large Makeup Tools & Makeup Organizer has an open top with a removable sectioned organizer for makeup brushes, tools, makeup & skincare MORE...


4 platform

SEE ME PLATFORM is for safely stacking your SEE ME organizers on the floor. The organizers interlock with the platform to prevent toppling when drawers are opened MORE...


Realize that dream of your entire beauty collection perfectly organized - in one place

Whatever the size of your beauty collection, and whatever you collect, use SEE ME to keep your entire collection together, and perfectly organized in one place for easy access. Because you really don't have the time nor patience to look for your stuff all over the place, just combine any number of SEE ME organizers and add extra SEE ME units when you need more storage.

As limited space is a common reason for messy organization, SEE ME organizers can be safely stacked on the vanity or on the floor using the optional PLATFORM to maximize the space you have. With everything to hand, you'll never wonder where you left your hairdryer last time!

Don’t take our word for it!

“I got my first one in January and I have pretty much got a new one every 2 months since! They are so collectible and can't get enough of them!”


“There are like grown up lego blocks! Love building them in different ways and mixing in some different colours (the peach is gorgeous!). Amazing for showing off on Insta xx"


“I chose the large as I had previously bought another from Amazon that claimed to be large. I was therefore pleasantly surprised at how much makeup I could fit in.”


“For one who bought this organizer thinking it's just another, i was quite impressed at how much thought went into the design. It really is the best organizer i have had.”


“I got 2 maxi organizers because i have a lot of beauty products which I had been storing in drawers. Both are now filled up and I will get more next month. Sooo easy to add on extra which is why i love this system”